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Pathways 2 Purpose

Preparation for Life After High School

Graduating high school is inevitable and making sure your child is prepared for those next steps, well that's on you. Many schools do offer a College and Career Readiness program, however, there is still a lot that you and your child have to do outside of school hours to make sure they are truly ready to receive that diploma and move forward. Whether you get a lot, a little, or no support for your child's life after high school, its cool because we have everything you need right here!

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Pathways 2 Purpose

Preparation for Life After School

To be ready for college or a career means having the knowledge and skills necessary to enroll in and complete a post-secondary or high-quality certification program and qualify for entry-level career opportunities. Therefore a program requires:

a. integrated education and career planning and preparation

b. the ability to apply and link academic, technical, and career knowledge and skills and

c. foundational (soft) skills for post-secondary academic and career success

A Program like this should consist of:

1. Support developing college/career school aspirations

2. Academic planning for college and career readiness

3. Enrichment & extracurricular opportunities

4. College and career exploration and selection process

5. College and career assessments

6. College affordability planning (financial strategies and assistance)

7. College and career admission process

8. Transition from High School Graduation to College Enrollment

To Learn More About These Items And Get A Step By Step Guide Check out the Below Blog Post

P2P Program

What You Need to Know

Prepare your child for life after high school by completing the 5 steps mapped out in our blog or our ebook and familiarize yourself with what a standard college and career prep high school curriculum looks like.

 Standard College or Career Prep Curriculum:

4 years of English (College Prep Level or Above)

4 years of Math (at least Algebra II but Precalc & Statistics preferrably)

3 years of Lab Science (Bio & Chem or Physics)

3 years of Social Studies (World History, US History, Government & Economics College Prep or Above)

2 years of World Language



Preparing for life after high school can be overwhelming. There can be a million different check boxes to mark. A million things to remember to do. So, let's make it as easy as possible. If you would like more in depth understanding, direction, and tools to complete these steps, make sure you buy the book "5 Steps to Become College & Career Ready"(go straight to the store or click the button to learn more about the book). You can also  read more from our College & Career Readiness blog. Also make sure you download the FREE Overview checklist below and check out the additional checklists, grade specific!


Pathways 2 Purpose Overview Checklist

Download this FREE Pathways 2 Purpose Overview Checklist so you can stay on track through your 4 years of high school and be well on your way to preparing for life after high school!

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Find out what you should be completing each year for your four years of high school so that you can be well on your way for preparing for life after high school!

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