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College & Career Readiness

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

Written By itscoolmom Founder Sara Edgar

Preparation for Life After High School

Many schools do provide a College and Career Readiness program that helps prepare your kids for life after high school. But also, many schools CAN'T afford to have a College and Career Readiness program. Either way, there are still a ton of things that need to be completed outside of school to help prepare your child for the real world. Below are 5 steps to complete to get you and your child started preparing for life after high school. It is never too young to get started, however, this particular information is good for 9th-12th graders in any school setting (public, private, homeschool).

Let's Get Started!



Identify Your/Your Students Choices

1. 4 Year College

2. 2 Year College

3. Trade & Certificate Programs

4. The Military

5. Work

6. Travel



Assess Yourself/Your Student

1. Identify your/your students strengths & discover your/your students interests

2. What is important for your/your students future job?

3. What skills have you/your student already acquired?



Explore Which Path Is Right For You/Your Student

1. Explore Pathways & Clusters

2. Explore Occupations

3. Explore Fields of Study

4. Explore College/Career School Preferences

5. Explore College/Career Schools

6. Explore Certification Programs



Financial Preparation

1. What type of lifestyle do you/your student want?

2. What is the cost of college or your/your students program of choice?

3. What can you/your student afford?

4. What scholarships & grants are available to you/your student?

5. What about FAFSA?

6. Do you/your student understand school loans?



Self Development

1. Positive Self-Esteem

2. Self-Motivation

3. Time Management

4. Organization Skills

5. Study Tips & Habits



Preparing for life after high school can be overwhelming. There can be a million different check boxes to mark. A million things to remember to do. So, let's make it as easy as possible. If you would like more in depth understanding, direction, and tools to complete these steps, make sure you buy the book "5 Steps to Become College & Career Ready". Also make sure you download the FREE Overview checklist below and check out the additional checklists, grade specific, in the shop!

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