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Family Bonds and Lifetime Memories Are What Vacations Are All About

Updated: Oct 1, 2023

Written by Guest Blogger Jason Kenner

Some of the best memories we have, and some of the best memories we can create for our children, are tied to family vacations. After all, those are the times when we're our own merry little band away from everything and everyone else. So today, itscoolmom shares some tips to get you and your family off adventuring, sharing moments, and creating memories together.

Plan Ahead

They key to anything you want to do is to plan for it. Making a budget first will help you to make all the decisions that follow. Budget for hotels, meals, airfare or gas, attractions, etc. Then include about 20% on top of that for unexpected expenses or souvenirs.

Planning ahead can give you the best deals on airfare, rental vehicles, and hotels. You'll also have a better chance of getting what you want instead of what's left available or, worse, not getting what you need at all.

Making plans for how to manage your absence at your job or company, if you're a business owner, will prevent you from being stressed about what's happening while you're gone. Work ahead, make sure the people who are covering for you are prepared, and if you're an entrepreneur, consider hiring a temporary or even a virtual assistance.

Do Your Own Driving

If you're pricing, bring your car in for a thorough maintenance service and inspection. Let the technicians know you're taking it on a long trip, and they should know what to check. If you want to check the tread on your tires, grab a quarter. Insert it in the space between your tire tread, with George Washington's head facing down. If your tread surpasses the top of his head, you're in good shape.

Campers and RVs are such great ways to have a family vacation. You can take all the comforts of home with you, save money on hotels, eat when you want while avoiding fast food restaurants, and everyone's got more legroom. You also get the flexibility of leaving when you want and not worrying about flight schedules.

No Matter how you travel, be sure to pack some comfortable and versatile travel clothes. If you are nursing or pregnant, give this a try. This comfortable black nursing dress will keep you cool and relaxed while making it easy to care for your little one. And classic leggings can be a great item to pack no matter how old your kids are!

Places That Are Made For Kids

Theme parks can feel overwhelming. The crowds and lines are intimidating. But by going during off seasons, you can expect much lower occupancy in both the parks and in the nearby accommodations and services. Disney World and Disneyland, for instance, are usually the slowest in January-February and August-September.

And these parks are made for families, which means they've thought of everything, which means you won't have to. Their menus are kid-friendly, there are nursing stations for infants and mothers, and the staff are trained in making things special for kids.

Beaches are also wonderful spots for families with children. Besides digging in the sand and playing in the surf, there are always shops with ice cream treats, and the local area is usually set up with fun things for families, like mini-golf and arcades.

And natural park vacations, like beach ones, allow your kids to learn more about nature and gain a love and respect for the world around them. You all can unplug from technology and connect with yourselves and your world. There are so many state and national parks in the country, but there is certainly one that offers you what you're looking for.

Leave Your Stress at Home

While vacations are great to relax and unwind, that only works if you can leave your stresses behind. Learn how to mange your stress with good decision-making so it doesn't ruin your getaway and impact those around you.

When you feel stress coming on take a deep breath. You'll be surprised how quickly you can calm yourself by taking a deep breath and counting to ten. It's easier to make decisions that way since they'll be made while you're feeling reasonable and not anxious.

Prioritize what's important at the moment. Understand what you can relegate as not being necessary at that moment and what you can put off until later. Prioritizing what's important at the moment can allow you to put your stress and worries on the back burner.

Create Lasting Memories

Your family vacations are more important than you can imagine. You're making memories, true, but you're also strengthening bonds and introducing your children to more of the world, people, and life.

Parenting is hard, so check out itscoolmom for educational services and great resources on managing the good and stressful.

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