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Our Mission

It's Cool Mom is a transformative platform dedicated to empowering homeschooling families  through personalized support and expert guidance. Powered by a homeschool mom and licensed school counselor, itscoolmom offers comprehensive resources tailored to the unique needs of each family, fostering a warm and inclusive community. With a focus on positive parenting, academic excellence, and social-emotional development, itscoolmom strives to create a nurturing environment where homeschooling families thrive, nurturing lifelong learners and strengthening family bonds. 

How Can I Help?!

itscoolmom is looking to help YOUR community thrive. Do you have an issue that needs a solution? Then we are looking for you! Will your issue become our next project? Send us an email or DM us on one of our social media platforms @itscoolmomofficial to submit your idea or concern.



Your Project Name Here!

Will you be our next collaboration for success?!

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