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The Realm Wanderers 1st Book of the Series!

Labyrinth of Dreams

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"It would be an understatement to say it was a delightful and wholesome read. From the art cover to the writing, it was a captivating story with euphoric visuals. I, personally liked the third character being a pet bunny rabbit. It opens the doors for kids to view animals less as creatures and more as their friends. The design is very adorable, too. I could see where the inspiration and resemblance of the main two leads came from, they do look very much alike to their real-life counterpart. 

Adding a glossary at the end is also an amazing touch and a fun approach to teaching kids vocabulary in a fun and engaging setting. The interactive test is a great addition to the learning process. Makes you want to take the entire journey all over again with attention to detail. 

I wish you and your book a tremendous amount of success. I appreciate how you have thought outside the box and created something to help kids learn and make the process for kids and parents to be enjoyable at the same time."

- Eli from Amazon Publishing Plus

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Learning Beyond the Book

It's one thing for a child to read, it's another for them to comprehend what they are reading. Just like anything else, it takes practice. These Labyrinth of Dreams worksheets can be found in the back of the book or downloaded here for FREE!

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