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Itscoolmom has been around since 2012 when Sara started her own in home daycare business. It was here that she built her first preK curriculum from scratch with her knowledge of child development. She was able to work with 4 children from birth until Kindergarten age and had all of her students starting their educational journey ahead and excelling. 


From there she went on to get her masters degree and after completion, took over a latchkey program in a public school district in 2017. During her time with this program she expanded through all the district's elementary buildings, created the framework, curriculum, and programs that still exist today - some of which even found their way within the schools entire framework.  


In 2019 Sara decided to start the homeschool journey with her family. She created the framework, examined the laws and requirements, researched the national standards, and created her very own homeschool curriculum using some of the top performing districts in the nation as her guide. Each year her daughters showed tremendous growth. Her oldest is in 6th grade comprehending ELA above a 12th grade level and her youngest is in 4th grade and a year ahead in math. "Being able to challenge your children where their strengths are and provide more supports where they aren't as confident is the beauty of homeschool."


This is also when she taught herself how to code and built her first website. As she spent many hours researching the laws and understanding the homeschool requirements by state, she realized how many families were at a disadvantage. Searching, reading, and researching more she realized that many may not know how to find this information. This is when the first itscoolmom resource website was created so that other families could feel confident starting their own homeschool journey.

In 2020, Sara took on another project to help build a College and Career Readiness program. This was an online public school. The program was key to the school staying open. Many people said it couldn't be done. Within two years an entire CCR program was built. Sara helped create the framework and partnerships for the Dual Enrollment program, was responsible for creating the general curriculum for the workshops/presentations/webinars that included College exploration, career exploration, scholarships, FAFSA, resume writing, and identifying students interest just to name a few.

She was also responsible for creating partnerships and collaborations within the community and put her website building skills to use once again. She created what many in the Clark County school district (5th largest district in the country) described as "the best CCR website full of more resources than anyone has ever seen". Because of the hard work, the school did what no one thought was possible and not only met the minimum requirements but exceeded all expectations. She also earned herself a promotion and is now the Manager of Counseling Services at the school.

Sara has spent a lot of time in different regions of the country living in Los Angeles California, Las Vegas Nevada, St. Louis Missouri, Indianapolis Indiana, Detroit Michigan and Dresden Ohio. She has had the opportunity to see how public schools operate on many different levels. She has seen the struggles first hand of the teachers. The difficult decisions the administration has to make on a daily basis. The ginormous gap in education for minorities. And the huge lack of funding that these schools have to maneuver through each year.


Because Sara understands that education was never meant to be one size fits all, she is starting a new project to make sure that everyone has access to the proper preparation for Life After High School. She believes this is achievable regardless of the school district you live in or the form of education your family chooses. Everyone deserves to have the opportunity to the same resources, the same knowledge, and the same skills development and that is what she intends on providing once again through itscoolmom. And so begins this journey!


"Knowledge is Power" 

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