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Challenging the Status Quo One Cool Parent at a Time!

Meet Sara

Founder of itscoolmom

Sara holds a Masters of Science in Education - School Counseling. She is a licensed school counselor, an author, a homeschool educator, a successful curriculum developer, and business builder. 

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Available Now!

The Well Awaited Children's Book Series

Itscoolmom has teamed up with the friends next door, Keeks & Lo to bring you one of the first interactive children's book series of it's kind.

Join us on this literary adventure, where storytelling meets education, and the boundaries between reality and imagination blur. Get ready to wander through realms filled with enchantment, teamwork, and the timeless magic of childhood. 

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Realm Wanderers Series

What Kids Can Expect:

  • Magical Realms

  • Puzzles & Games

  • Awesome Sisters

  • Global Adventures

  • Cute Bunny Sidekick

  • Imagine & Create

  • Friends Forever

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What Parents Can Expect:

  • Educational Adventures

  • Cultural & Global Exploration

  • Interactive Learning

  • Positive Character Development

  • Language Development

  • Immersive Reading Experience

  • Collectible Clues & Rewards

  • Consistent Structure Across Books

  • Promotion of Critical Thinking

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Gaming App 

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Coming Soon

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Here is what we've got going on!

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