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Tips for Stay-at-Home Parents Wanting to Start a Home Business

Written By Guest Blogger Virginia Cooper

Hobbies give you a creative outlet and reduce the stress of everyday life. An activity that whisks you away to your Zen place can also be a service people are willing to pay for and a lucrative venture you can manage as a stay-at-home parent.

Your Talents Can Earn You Money

You might be surprised to learn how many people would appreciate a few basic cooking classes or a series of cake decorating courses. They also will pay you to cater a dinner or create a special cake. If you love to shop, consider picking up groceries for homebound individuals or anyone who has limited time and needs an extra hand.

Imagine sharing your musical talent and your piano, guitar, or set of drums by giving private lessons. If painting or sculpting is your thing but you have limited space for students and supplies, consider offering online courses. Upholstery is a service you can provide and a trade you can teach in the comfort of your home or garage.

Get Your Venture Up and Running

Once you realize all you have to offer, take what you are best at and organize it into a business. Start with a catchy name and logo for branding and set yourself apart from the competition. The name should be simple, easy to spell, and something that appeals to your target audience. A good logo establishes your identity and helps customers remember you.

Consider becoming a limited liability company for tax advantages and personal liability protection. Each state has different regulations, so research LLC formation for your state. You can also file yourself to avoid paying an attorney, but if you are not comfortable doing this, consider hiring a formation service.

With legalities out of the way, start focusing on your marketing. Obtaining clients through social media is a cost-effective way of getting your name out. One report showed that Facebook live videos had an engagement rate of 4.3% versus non-live videos that rated at 2.2% engagement. This is also a great way to interact and build relationships with your customers. Be consistent with positive and informative content, and have friends and family share your posts to build referrals.

Your Time and Space Is Important

Be realistic in how much time and space you have to devote to your business. You need a set schedule of hours per day or week as well as a dedicated space to work. If your children are in school or if you are homeschooling, block out your work hours for when your kids are away or doing homework.

Make sure you create an area specific to successfully fulfilling your business needs. Utilize a spare bedroom for an office away from distraction as well as a place to store important documentation. If you have specific supplies, keep them safe and organized so you are ready to satisfy clients and not waste time searching for lost materials.

Managing a home, family, and business is possible, and you can start using your talents to create a money-making venture without the risk of a large financial investment. Market your talents and provide services that you are already good at doing. You are in control of your calendar and how you manage a part-time or full-time business venture.

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