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Teaching Kids How to Form Healthy Lifestyle Habits

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

Written By Guest Blogger Emily Graham

As your kids grow up, they’ll have to make hundreds of choices each day. Some are small and simple, such as what to wear or which snack to buy at the grocery store. Others are more important, such as who to marry and whether to take college classes during their high school years (or any other time). As a parent, you have many ways to encourage healthy choices in your kids. Learn how you can help your kids with these tips and resources for parents.

Express Your Values and Expectations

By expressing your values and expectations, you're more likely to have children who behave consistently with those values. If you want your child to know that it’s wrong to lie, take drugs, or steal, then you need to tell them that’s what you expect of them. The better they understand what’s expected of them, the better they will live up to those expectations. Some values you can teach your kids are:

• Kindness

• Empathy

• Honesty

• Hard Work

• Perseverance

• Gratitude

• Courage

• Choosing Words Carefully

Lead by Example

Be open and honest about your personal challenges with self-control, such as overeating or spending too much time in front of a computer screen. If you have trouble saying no to that tempting plate of cookies after dinner, show your children how you resist temptation. They will probably follow your lead.

Drugs and Alcohol

If your children see you enjoying healthy activities, such as running or bicycling, they’ll be more likely to seek out opportunities to live a similar lifestyle. If you’re a parent trying to get your kids to make healthier choices, set a good example and enjoy healthy activities together. The reward you get from accomplishing something like climbing a mountain can teach kids there’s more to life than just getting high. Do something with your kids that you both enjoy and make it a part of t/heir life that they can carry forward with them.

Goals and Dreams

Goals and dreams aren't just for adults. Children also need to understand how setting goals and working hard can help them achieve their dreams. It's never too early to talk with them about what they want to achieve in the future. Set a good example by pursuing a passion, such as earning a master's degree online, that gives you the flexibility to balance work and family life with your education.

Limits on Screen Time

Parents can be a child’s first line of defense when it comes to fighting against excess screen time. Sticking to an appropriate amount of screen time is one way you can encourage your children to develop good habits now.

Teaching Kids About Money

Teaching kids about money from a young age is crucial for good decision-making later in life. Make sure your kids understand the difference between needs and wants, which will help them make good decisions about saving and spending their money.

Healthy Habits

It’s your job to help protect your children and show them how to make responsible decisions. Setting an example and talking with your kids about why they should make good choices will teach them healthy habits for a lifetime.

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