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The Buckeye State



To start homeschooling in Ohio, your first requirement is to submit a Notice of Intent to Homeschool form with an Addendum for your Home Education Plan to your zoned school district.

The Addendum should include a brief outline of the intended curriculum for the year. Such outline is for informational purposes only and to help ensure 900 hours of instruction in the following: Language, reading, spelling and writing; Geography, history of the United States and Ohio, and national, state, and local government; Mathematics; Science; Health; Physical education; Fine arts, including music; and First aid, safety and fire prevention. It also must include a brief outline of the curriculum and teaching materials that will be used for the year. 

Or you can use the Addendum for your Home Education Plan that I created in accordance with the Ohio Homeschool Rules and Laws below.

The other step you will have to complete is the academic assessment at the end of the school year. There are two options to choose from: either a standardized assessment or a written narrative. Both of these forms can be downloaded right here along with the Notice of Intent to Homeschool form for FREE!