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Pre-K Prep

Here We Go!!

No more stressing about the fact that your child is getting ready to start Kindergarten. Here you will find ALL of the things you need to prepare your child AND yourself for that first BIG step - Kindergarten!

Super Powers

It is very important to remember that all children grow, learn, and reach milestones at different paces. The same is true for education. What you will find, if you haven't already is that each child has at least one strength. Identify your child's strengths early and then lean on those while they learn the rest. Having a "super power" makes it much easier for kids to acknowledge that some things come super easy while others take time.

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Schedules & Routines

Your Child's Teacher Will Thank You!

Without routines and schedules, life can feel like total chaos to a little one which can evoke big emotions, big outbursts, and unpleasant behaviors. Having a morning routine, daily chores, and a bedtime and night routine is essential for development in children. Most kindergarten rooms will work off of a structured schedule, some will have classroom duties and all will have consistent routine so if your child can get a head start with this, the transition will be a lot less stressful. Get started with your new routine by downloading this FREE schedule!

It's Prep Time!

And Help Is On The Way

It's time to get you and your child ready for this HUGE step in life! I have put together some great worksheets for your child and checklists for you. With all of these resources you will both feel confident on your child's first day of Kindergarten!

     In this packet you will find:

  • Pre-K Skills Checklist

  • Successful Transitions: Home to School Checklist

  • All About Me! Worksheet

  • Tracing Letters Worksheet

  • I Can Write My Name Worksheet

  • Butterfly Color By Number Worksheet


Stay in the Know!

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